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"We used Diane Overman's college consulting services to help our daughter decide on a college and major that was the right fit for her.  Diane helped guide her through the application process, proofed her essays, and gave her direction on the scholarship application process as well.  She was accepted to 5 of the 7 colleges that she applied to and was awarded 3 very nice scholarships.  I highly recommend Diane and Overman College Consulting and I am positive that you and your student will like her as well!"


"I do not think I would have been admitted to Texas A&M without the help of Mrs. Overman. She knew so much about each college I was considering and made it clear to me which one I wanted to go to and even what major to choose. She is very organized and kept me focused throughout the application process so that I did not miss any important deadlines. With Mrs. Overman's help, I wrote three essays that I was very proud of. I felt that my essays were above and beyond what I would have written without her guidance. I highly recommend Mrs. Overman because she makes the application process so much easier than it would be alone." 


"Thank you for your help in the college process with our daughter. Your advice on the college essays was invaluable and helped her get several scholarship offers."


"I don't know who was more stressed about college applications, myself or my children. Applying for college admission was complicated and being admitted to some schools can be extremely competitive. Diane helped both my kids navigate the process and kept them focused while keeping us all informed and calm throughout the entire application process. Their essays were so well written, and both kids agree they wrote better essays thanks to Diane's input and her constructive criticism. They were admitted to multiple colleges including the ones they each had first on their lists. Diane met with my kids on a regular basis and at each meeting they had an assignment to complete for the application process. If I had another child planning to go to college, I would not hesitate using Diane again." 






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